Empowering vulnerable children to find inner-calm and sleep well


Sleep deprivation is a serious issue

Thousands of Australian children suffer from lack of sleep due to trauma. Children need high-quality sleep for their physical and mental wellbeing—they can’t develop to their full potential without it. When children are traumatised and sleep deprived, they suffer immensely. [1] They commonly become physically and mentally ill, everyday life and learning becomes challenging and it’s a downward physiological and psychological spiral before they even reach their teens. [2]

This can affect entire households, with adults often feeling anxious at night because they don’t know how to support children to calm down at bedtime. The result is increased stress for everyone at a time when rest and peace are most needed.

1. Reiss, A. L. 2010. Increased bedtime cortisol in traumatised youth. 2. El Shakankiry HM. 2011. Sleep physiology and sleep disorders in childhood.

Transforming lives with resources and guidance

Children who have suffered trauma, domestic violence or displacement from their homes struggle to relax and sleep well at night because their bodies contain high levels of stress hormones, such as cortisol. They need support and guidance to find peace at night, sleep deeply and regain their wellbeing.

The Sleep and Dream Foundation has a unique solution to this often-overlooked issue. Our resources transform troubled children’s lives by helping them to:

  • Cultivate inner resilience
  • Avoid self-harming and self-medicating as coping strategies
  • Establish positive patterns of behaviour for the rest of their lives
  • Contribute their unique gifts to society

“I'm not afraid of the dark anymore. When I listen to Ahna I fall asleep straight away.”

Amy Harrison, Age 8

“Sometimes I feel upset about what happened during the day and it’s hard to fall asleep. When I do the breathing from the book it helps me feel better and then I fall asleep, like magic.”

Joshua Lee, Age 9

“I used to hate being in bed on my own, but now it’s okay because I know what to do when I feel scared. I love having my heart friend with me.”

Jewel O’Shea, Age 6

“When I read the Sleep & Dream book, I sleep really well all night.”

 Toby Walsh, Age 11

Our Sleep Kit for Kids

The Sleep Kit for Kids is a proven, effective resource that guides children into deeply nourishing sleep. Developed by Ahna de Vena, Holistic Sleep Therapist and Sleep and Dream Foundation founder, the kit contains a beautiful little book and an audio track on a portable mini-speaker.


How it works

By reading the book or listening to the audio, children learn seven self-calming skills for releasing anxiety and falling asleep with ease. They are gently guided to make friends with the dark, release negative emotions and speak to themselves in a caring way.

The Sleep Kit for Kids introduces skills that children can use throughout their lives to create a peaceful inner world so they’ll always be able to sleep well. It has proven to be effective for children aged 0-12 years old. Kits are available free of charge to organisations working with children in need.

“My 8 year-old foster son is Autistic and was having difficulty sleeping. Since I started using your recording with Jaylin he falls asleep within ten minutes and sleeps well all night. He loves listening to your calming voice. If he ever has a restless night, he asks to hear it again and then he falls back to sleep”

Anne-Maree Chevalley Full-time Foster Carer Life Without Barriers

“The sleep kit cultivates inner skills that enable young people to feel calm around bedtime and grow up with more resilience and healthier minds.”

Paula Sheehan
Credentialed Mental Health Nurse
Specialising in Child & Family Care 

“The sleep kit is a very useful resource that relates to all age groups. With clear and encouraging guidance it addresses issues such as anxiety, depression, bullying, self-esteem and many emotions that can take lives.”

Shirley Simpson
Child & Family Worker

Give the gift of quality sleep.

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