Helping children to sleep and dream


One of the key foundations for healthy development is sleep. Yet many children suffer sleep disturbance, which impacts their health, learning and social engagement. It’s hard to learn if your brain is fuzzy. It’s hard to engage socially when you're tired and fragile. For many kids these are some of the unseen effects of trauma – making it even more difficult for them to develop resilience and recover. A first step towards wellbeing for these kids can be safe and restorative sleep.

The Sleep & Dream Foundation Ltd is a registered charity based in Australia. We provide front-line organisations with our sleep-enhancing resources– which empower vulnerable children and their cares to find inner-calm and sleep well.

About our founder and director

Ahna de Vena was moved to help young people sleep. This came from her personal experience of childhood insomnia and anxiety and how poorly managed her condition was. This later became a more complex sleep deprivation issue and resulted in serious health issues in her adult life. As a trained sleep therapist, Ahna knows that good sleep patterns are best established early. She is passionate about supporting the cultivation of healthy sleep for our most at risk kids.

Ahna with books

How we make a difference

The Sleep & Dream Foundation supplies partner organisations with Sleep Kits and provides ongoing training and guidance in their use. Created especially for children, the Sleep Kit contains proven, successful strategies to aid relaxation, allay fear and provide comfort. The outcome is a more peaceful bedtime for children and their carers, and better quality sleep for everyone.

The organisations we’re currently working with include: Life without Barriers, The Smith Family, Lismore Women’s Health & Resource Centre, It Takes A Town, OTCP-On Track Community Programs, St Vincent de Paul, and Women Up North Housing.

Our vision is to expand our reach to an ever-widening range of organisations—so that Australia’s most vulnerable children can sleep, heal and thrive. As our work is funded solely by donations, we appreciate your support in helping to make this vision a reality.

Imagine a world where all vulnerable children are supported and empowered to find inner-calm and sleep well.

With your help we can make this a reality.

 All donations are tax-deductible in Australia.