What we need for sustainable success

Our plan for the next 12 months is to provide comfort and guidance to 5000 children throughout Australia. To transform more children’s lives we need contributions that sustain our ability to produce and distribute Sleep Kits, broaden awareness of the issue and make our on-line course available to as many carers as possible.

We welcome tax deducible donations for:

✓ Sleep Kit production – more sleep kits to reach more children
✓ A sleep well program for teens in foster care in collaboration with Foster Care Angels
✓ An on-line course for carers and parents titled “Better Sleep For Distressed Children”
✓ Operational costs – postage, accounting and wages

We also wish to connect with people and organisations who want to contribute with advice and help in broadening beneficial connections as we move forward each day with a clear goal to comfort more children.

Significant sponsors are acknowledged on our website, in media releases and any talks or events we feature in.

Download our Comfort for Kids Overview PDF

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